What is the end game with El Chapo aka Joaquin Guzman?

It's been two weeks since El Chapo escaped from that Mexican Supermax prison. He's a bad actor, no question
I believe that the DEA could capture him anytime they want. The reason they haven't or don't is because, in my opinion he serves a purpose. I think he's selling information to the DEA on his competion and saving his own hide in the
process. Bribery and corruption are part and parcel of the way things are done in Mexico. One of thrr things will happen. He will be killed by his rivals. He'll be killed by the authorities or captured and spend the rest of his life
in prison, which I don't think will happen. When he is taken out for whatever reason, there are thousands waiting
in the wings to take his place. Please chime in.


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  • I have no idea. All I know is El Chapo is like a real life Scarface to me.