Does anyone on here know the language... Arabic?

like do understand when they put 3s,5s,6s,7s in their language text? because I want to look/seem smart to my potential boyfriend :) x help a girl out!!!


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  • I do not sadly, though the writing looks beautiful. However I would recommend not trying to look smart. If you do then your just setting yourself up for failure later. You don't want to throw out a fact and then find out you misused it or didn't understand it because it will make you look stupid. Why do you think knowing this will make you look smart to him? If you want him to be interested, show your interested. If a girl shows that she genuinley wants to learn something that interests me that is a bigger turn on/flattery then her trying to act like she knows something she doesn't.

    • LMAO you didn't have to write me a whole book jesus!! LOLL its just for fun damn why so serious B :) x

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    • Sorry, I am unfortunatley not particularly versed in arabic, or really any other language then English. Good luck however. Perhaps the translator can give you some ensight though?

    • I guess he or she could. but I guess I'm Language-catfishing LOLL x

  • Trying to "look" smart will make you look dumber than you actually are. Either learn Arabic for real or find something else you're smart at.

    • stop being mean I don't want to go the hard way. thats why I asked for a personal translator. stop being a dick plea sir

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