Are you saving up to buy a house or build a house? Realistically, Whats your price range?

Also, which move do you think is easier in the long run?

But I plan to build my home. I expect to spend somewhere between $280k-360k. I've drawn out my floor plans and all. I just need to get up the money and have a professional modify them.

Are you saving up to buy a house or build a house? Realistically, Whats your price range?

  • I want to build my home from ground up.
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  • I want to buy a home that is move-in ready.
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  • I want to buy an existing home, but plan to renovate.
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  • I picked a. I am trying to purchase land for a home. I'd be okay if there already was a house on it, and I would probably modify it, or tear it down and rebuild one. But id also be okay with getting a prefab house put on it. The land is what I really care about.

    • Yea it sucks that I dont already have land. I have lots of family with land. They would probably sell me some for a nicer price but they live in the country country. I dont plan to spend over $30k for land. I dont even want a big yard

    • I'm looking just to the outskirts of town. I want at least 5 acres, and where I live that's like at least 100k. So my land will be expensive and my house will be cheap. I plan on growing lots of stuff, as well as raising some animals, so the land is a very valuable asset.

    • Ohhh okay well then I understand. But yea, I dont even want an acre lol

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What Girls Said 2

  • Dude I'm saving up so I can rent a tiny ass little hole in the wall apartment one day :p

    But one day when I'm all grown up and adulty I would want to buy a move in ready house because I've been through a reno when my parents redid our house and if I have to live in my basement cooking and cleaning out of my laundry room again I might go nuts.

    • Haha I understand. I really want to build my house before 30. I got 10 years to make it happen lol

  • None of the above. I want to buy a sailboat. So i guess you could say B

    • Oh so you'll basically turn it into a houseboat like on the Sims game? Lol thats nice though

    • Never played the sims. But yes it would be a live aboard.

    • That would suck if someone in the family gets seasick easily. They could barely ever visit lol

What Guys Said 1

  • Be very careful about building a house to your own plans unless you have some experience as an architect. It could be great, but I have been through some homes where the owner had either designed the house or designed modifications to an existing house and they were mostly horrible. If you build a house nobody else wants you will take a big loss when you sell. Also be sure that you don't build a $300K house in a neighborhood of $150K houses. It's far better to have the cheapest house in a more expensive neighborhood than the most expensive house in a cheap neighborhood.

    • Oh yea I forgot all about resale