If supporters of the confederate flag feel like the confederacy was on the right side of history, then why don't they form a new army and take on?

The U. S. government and gain what they only claimed their ancestors were fighting for? Because as of today, the south doesn't have states rights (federal law still trumps state law) nor is it a sovereign country like it was striving for? I sure that the confederates ancestors would be proud if the south tried to re-form and fight for their independance. Why not try to free the south from north and opposers of the confederate flag that say the confederacy was only trying to keep slavery alive? I just don't understand How can supporters of the flag can be extremely passionate and proud of it and not even make a attempt to reach the goal that their ancestors were trying to reach since they believe the confederacy was 100% right and the north was wrong?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts everyone


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  • I like the way you think, Anon XD


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  • Because they can't and they are angry they can't so they just complain

    • Yeah I know, but they seem so proud of it. Why not fight for something that you're proud of?

    • As a southerner my self I don't want the government flying confederate flags but those crazy people have the right to fly any flag nazi North Korea confederate or what ever but it makes them jerks