Are you guys against or for taking the confederate flag down? Do you think the flag has anything to do with racism?

Are you guys against or for taking the confederate flag down?Do you think the flag has anything to do with racism?

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  • I think it should be brought down. ¿You don't allow swastikas flying around, do you?


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  • I am for taking down the confederate rag and I think it has something to do with racism.
    The only people who really don't think it has something to do with racism seem to be racially illiterate, socially uneducated, entitled white people or delusional black Southerners who forget that the flag was a symbol used to support their ancestors being treated like cattle.


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  • To my understanding the reason is tha it shows solidarity of the southern states after the civil war. After the war the economy was utterly destroyed (it is still recovering) and yet the "United" states did nothing to resolve this essentially leaving them on there own. So the flag became a symbol of there abandonment and then later became a symbol of southern pride. At least this is what I have read from a black man living in the south who had to explain why he had the confederate flag on the back of his truck. Also, this is suppose to be the land of the free, if the people want the flag, they have every legal right to have it.

    • "... and then later became a symbol of southern pride."

      What is there to be proud of? That previous generations fought and died to keep slavery going?

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    • "So, again, why feel any pride at all?"

      I'm not suggesting you should.

    • @Bysshe then whats the issue? I personally don't understand how people use the term pride, colloquially speaking. I'm quite sure you believe things or have pride in things that do not make sense, however I would argue that you do have the right to express them if you wish.

  • I always find it interesting to see how girls are so much more likely to demand something to be banned for petty reasons than guys.

    You want a flag to be banned because it might be offensive? Or because it might be a symbol? Well, then there will be a new symbol and you just took away liberties.

    It reminds me of my own native language where there were certain words used for blacks and after a while were deemed offensive and thus shunned. The substitute words are now becoming offensive as well and starting to get shunned. It's ridiculous and the words actually have nothing to do with it (neither the flag or other symbols) - but instead it always depends on the context and intent of the person (s) using those. A flag in the end is just a piece of fabric with a specific pattern. It is us who give it meaning and certainly nothing worthy enough to ban.

    Maybe for once people should focus on actual issues than such non-issues of using a flag which only has as much meaning and impact as you give it.

    "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin

  • We should be plastering the Confederate battle flag everywhere because it angers overly-sensitive wimps.

    • Are you so disgustingly self-absorbed and entitled that you truly believe each and every person who doesn't want to see that image must be an 'overly-sensitive wimp'?

    • Yes, that's exactly it.

  • Can I just say, I "love" your "Be Free" profile pic, it really ties together well with your implied dislike towards the freedom for others to fly the Confederate Flag.

    • Who said freedom is always good? I don't have the freedom to kill people. Is that bad?

    • Nobody is saying it should be illegal flying nazi flags aren't illegal just that the government shouldn't fly them

  • I think it is a controversial and should be taken down.

  • I'm not familiar with that flag but as far as I'm concerned, if they can wave their "rainbow flag" then why can't they wave that flag? Both are offensive to some people.

    • How is a gaypride flag offensive to ppl?

    • Homosexuality is seen as a sin in many religions, such as Christianity and Islam. We currently make up almost half of the world's population. Also the rainbow flag is extra offensive to Christians as the rainbow was something God made in the old testament to show his promise to us, and now the gay community has taken it and made it the icon of something sinful. Not to mention that many gays have an anti-Christian agenda, and they try to limit our freedom of speech&religion by forcing their beliefs down out throats, and if we don't agree with them we get called bigots and even sued.

      I could go on for hours but I guess you got my point.

    • Racially illiterate.

  • It's used by he kill, and neo/original naZis as back ups to the white flag and the swastika

    • Kkk* dang autocorrecct

  • we should just give people that are against to taking it down some tissues and a tampon. cause that shit's down bruh!!!

  • we should just give people that want to take it down some tissues and a tampon.

    • Just as you should stop being a weak, cowardly pussy who has to hide behind anonymity to speak your mind. :)

    • I would but there are to many people who are just professional whiners and will just call me racist

  • I'm against taking it down. It's still part of US history. People apparently associate it only with slavery. Black plantation owners had slaves too.
    It seems like were too politically correct.
    A whit cop "murders" a unarmed black kid. It's all over the news. Yet a week later a black cop killed an unarmed white kid. Have any of you heard about that?

    • “Black plantation owners had slaves too” Shut the hell up with your weak attempt to minimize, discredit, and dismiss the fact that whites in this country brutalized black people for CENTURIES for the sake of white supremacy. It doesn’t matter what issues existed in the Black community: White people hunted, terrorized, raped, tortured, and destroyed the lives of people for no other reason than they were black. You don’t see Germans debating and being so disgustingly entitled that they want to argue, lessen, and debate flying Swastikas around Germany for the sake of “it being apart of German history.” You sound SO stupid

      You sound like the typical entitled, racially illiterate white person who is so pathetically socially uneducated that you fail to realize how mediocre and basic your logic is.

    • You just don't like the FACTS. Oppressed? Like in Ferguson, MO? BURN THIS BITCH DOWN!
      Someone in your community must speak out against this type of violence.
      Oh by the way Mike Brown's Stepfather was never charged for inciting rioting. (NOT covered under the 1st amendment) Who's getting all the breaks? WHY burn down the CVS? WHY burn your own neighborhood down? WHY STEAL the computers from the neighborhood kids school? Who's oppressing whom?
      Who's getting all the breaks?

    • Mmmk honey, without reading anymore of your nonsense... unless your IQ starts appearing respectable or noteworthy then you don't get any of my undivided attention or consideration ;)

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  • We all know the confederate flag represents racism. It has no business being flown at or by government institutions.

  • I don't think it has anything to do with racism at the present day. Kanye west, who's black, has worn it on clothing. So has Rihanna. There are pictures all over facebook of black people eaither wearing it in clothing or flying the flag as well. So if it's so racist, why are they repping it?

    • You sound racially illiterate and that's quite sad if you've been around for almost 3 decades.

  • It is strictly a symbol if battle. It was created for the civil war to represent the Confederates and their desire for slavery (there's more to why they wanted slavery but I don't recall of th e top of my head).
    No matter what they do the important thing is that we don't forget it or the period of time that it stood for. People coukd use to be reminded of it more often I think. Maybe it would help them to remember how important equality is yo our country. I'm not saying we have it, stareotypical threat is still everywhere.
    it represents a time of great inequality. It cannot be forgotten if we want to learn from histories mistakes

  • I am for taking it down and I think it has something to do with racism, very much.

  • I don't really care if they take it down or not. I'm not southern.

  • It's kind of hard to believe it has nothing to do with racism when the KKK are such huge supporters of it.

  • I'm against taking it down. It's part of US history. Liberals are trying to erase our history. The flag has nothing to do with racism.

    • You are a delusional, racially illiterate dumb ass if you truly believe that flag has nothing to do with racism. It was a battle flag created to support the cause of the South KEEPING THEIR SLAVES. They wanted to ENSLAVE HUMAN BEINGS BASED OFF OF COLOR AND MAINTAIN WHITE SUPREMACY. What the fuck kind of self-absorbed, unempatheic, entitled asshole wants to wave around a flag that symbolizes oppression, terror, and domestic terrorism?
      It’s not about being a “liberal” so hush with the passive aggressive whining where you act like anything you don’t like has to do with being ‘liberal’.

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    • Not as pathetic as being a liberal. But whatever floats your boat.

    • I like you. Upvote.