I hate my life righ not?

so this is more of a rant.. but if you have advice then i'll approachiate it.

Im just in a bad mood all the time.. i sleep for hours (slept for 14 hours), i dont want to talk to anyone.. i dont want to do anything expect sit in mye room,, it annoys me when people ask me if "im okay".. On purpose say things online to make an argument out of it or just to be rude... I have this anger and bitter ness towards guy.. im a dating app now and it pisses me off that all thsee unattractive guys message me.. mean why do they do that , they are wasting my time... or maybe im wasting my time? where are the normal non unattractive guy in this world? or more spesific in my area? when i can't find things it makes cry, if i need something and i dont know where it is, i start tearing up.. i eat a lot of uneahlthy things..

i know a but hormonal, my period is in almost two week, but it has never been as bad as this.. i know im not being myself now, but i can't shake it off... Normally i can sya to myself "its just my hormons" and i'll be in a better mood, but its not working this time. Im tired of being in a bad mood.. any advice?


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  • What is your job?

    • i clean hotel rooms, but im only an extrahelp and its very slow at the hotel.. i have worked maybe times in 2 months

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    • norway

    • I think it is your job that is depressing you. You need more money and to socialize. Don't wallow, if you do then things will get much much worse

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