What is Something You Love But No One Knows Anything About/Hates?

What is some hobby or media that you enjoy a lot, but feel like most of everyone else either doesn't like it or has never heard of it?

Could be a band you enjoy, a show you like, or an activity that isn't really common amongst people.

For me, Lost is a show either everyone hates or no one had the attention span to stick to. I have only ever met one person who liked the show, so I feel pretty lonely in that department (instant love if you adore the show btw). Rock climbing is another thing a lot of people around me don't seem to do. Most of the time I wind up going to the gym by myself, settling with auto-belays.


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  • May I ask how is it that you can go to the gym by yourself? I've been trying to get the balls to do just that but I can't.

    • When I say the gym, I mean the rock gym. In which case, most of the gyms I've been to have auto belays where you just hook yourself up without the need for someone to spot or belay you. Not as much fun though cause usually there is about 3-4 auto belays. But, you also have the option to boulder, which also doesn't need a spotter.

    • I had no idea you could do that. How frequent are these auto belays? I don't suppose they're in every gym.

    • I've been to about 5 or 6 gyms now and I can't really say I've noticed one without them. Could just be the area I'm in, but from what I understand, its pretty affordable for gyms to have them installed. The only issue is that there isn't too many in each gym, so you're limited on what you could top rope on.

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  • Theater and movies, no one near me cares about that as much as I do. I love to learn all the actors name and I really appreciate a good movie or play. My friends just see movies and that's it. I get too emotional, I cry when there is a happy scene, action scene, badass scene, sad scene, almost everything. Every emotion makes me cry and my friends think I'm a weirdo because of that.

    I love going to the movies or plays alone, I also go to the gym by myself.


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  • I loved lost but felt betrayed by the way it ended and thought it tailed off last few series. I flicked around a lot of things that my friends didn't get so I tend not to bother to try them interested and will only talk about them if someone else brings it up.

    • Yeah, a lot of people didn't like the ending. I felt like they were really using that Science vs. Faith theme throughout the show, so it fit in.

      What sort of things did you pass around with your friends?

    • I remember we all loved Lost when it came - The rest is the usual things you would talk about when you are out with friends, films, tv, books.

  • listenin to 80s new-wave and synth-pop music... i doubt any people my age love this particular genre as much as i do...

    • Like Oingo Boingo and Talking Heads?

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    • I'm afraid I'm not familiar with them. What did they do? I might know one of their songs but not know who did it.

    • really? they were really popular in da 80s... i'm surprised u know Oingo Boingo but not INXS
      anyway... they were new-wave during their early period (1980-1985) then since "Kick" (their most succssful album) they became alt. rock. their albums The Swing and Shabooh Shoobah were really great... u can check 'em out:



  • Gag as a media

    And lucid dreaming and a hobbie and meditation haha

  • Not making a joke here, but does GaG count? I'm sure no one I cross in my day to day affairs knows anything about GaG. I don't love it as much as college football or cooking, but it's still in my top 10 at least.

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