Urgent!!! Australian Visa?

Is it possible to go to Australia with a Visitor Visa and while visiting there apply for an Australian Working Holiday Visa (because my home country isn't eligible for this kind of visa)?

Can you even apply for a Working holiday Visa to work and holiday in Australia while you are in Australia?

People, please note that there is a difference between a Working Visa and a Working Holiday Visa. They are two different visas.


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  • I would think that even though you are in Australia - Your home country remains the same still inelgible for working holiday visa.


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  • Australia is probably one of the hardest places to get a working visa.

    I wouldn't get your hopes up too high :/.

    Even British people struggle like fuck to get into Australia, And the British Queen is the ruler of Australia, Imagine how hard it is for everyone else :/.

  • Good luck applying for a work visa. Australia is really, really strict about migrant workers. To do it legally, they will require a sponsor, an australian business to write a letter explaining why a foreigner is necessary to do the job, and why a native Australian wouldn't suffice.

    Also, if you arrive with a standard travel visa and they have reason to believe you're there looking for work (traveling with business suits, for example), they will put you directly on another plane back where you came from.

    • I meant a working holiday visa (not a work visa).

    • When you say "working holiday" I'm not sure what you mean or how that would differ from any other temporary work visa.

      Assuming what you're talking about has anything to do with employment at all, you're going to have a very, very difficult time obtaining one.

    • You may even be deported simply for asking, if you're on australian soil with a travel visa, as this would indicate to Australian authorities that you entered the country under false pretense.

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