How do I sing? Again? Like before?

Music is everything to me and I love to sing. It gives me so much peace. It makes me feel alive. But now I feel dead. Always.
I can't sing anymore. It's like there's so passion, no emotion that I used to feel when I sing. It's not like how it used to be.
Hell, even my voice has changed a bit. No longer beautiful, and musical like it was.
I'm dying, someone please help me!


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  • I can't tell th ways or motivate U in just an opinion comment... message me inbox I'll try to help you out !!

  • You need to find your inner inspiration the thing that compels you to sing. The lyrics you relate to the most, a life experience that make you feel strong emotion


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  • Has something happened, like a throat infection? I would have said listen to the things you love and casually sing along, like quietly while you do something else. It'll come gradually. Also, warm up prior.

    • Lol no.. It's just I no longer feel passionate about what I'm singing about.. They're just words..
      Meaningless words.

    • I know how you feel, and you need to find something you can relate to. I find that most pop and chart music is very hard to relate to. Find songs close to your situation. I went through a period like this but I found a song called "Trophy Father, Trophy Son" by Sleeping With Sirens and every word meant something to me because I'd been there. The emotions bring back the ability in my experience. Good luck!