80s music poll: Favorite album by Animals/Moody Blues/Deep Purple?

Again 60s-70s bands who try to “go 80s”…. Animals’ “Ark” is “so-so” but they had a really good song in this one (“The Night”)

Now about Moody Blues…their album “The Other Side Of Life” is pretty nice actually …. a good effort goin “synth-pop”... so i'd vote this.

Deep Purple’s 80s albums were….”yawn”

  • Ark (Animals)
    Vote A
  • Long Distance Voyager (Moody Blues)
    Vote B
  • The Present (Moody Blues)
    Vote C
  • The Other Side Of Life (Moody Blues)
    Vote D
  • Sur La Mer (Moody Blues)
    Vote E
  • Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple)
    Vote F
  • The House Of Blue Light (Deep Purple)
    Vote G
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  • Most admit never knew any of these 3 tried again in the 80s - Of the 3 I'll go for prime Deep Purple that would probably be early mid 70s.


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