Women, what race/s of guys do you have specific requirements for in order for you to consider dating that you wouldn't apply to your preferred?

Race? For example if a Asian guy isn't your ideal choice, would a Asian guy have to look really good, make a lot of money or stand out in some way? Now say your ideal choice was Hispanic, white, etc. could your ideal choice get away with not being as attractive, not having as much money and just being average?

I assume this question is too much for people lol


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  • If I add an additional requirement/cautionary it's because something about their identity/culture/race/religion is extremely problematic with my own

    But money or being really attractive isn't going to make me overlook it

    Showing me good character, humor and that you won't let whatever differences we have impact relationship however will get you a huge +1

    For me I have a huge red flag with Asians Espcially- South Asians and Arabs "due to past experience"
    No amount of money or good looks will make me overlook that only character and action..

    And No my preferred race doesn't get a free pass to be less good looking or poor. I have standards for them too

    However, I admit I maybe more lenient towards getting to know someone of a preferred race/culture.

    Like basically if I'm Ethiopian and I meet another Ethiopian while out randomly. I may not be attracted to him initially but I won't write him off right away. I'll wait so to judge his character due to our common ground.

    • I think most people sway after from certain races due to stereotypes, fear and cultural prejudice.
      If you eliminate those fears and negative associations by proving you're different I think you have a shot with anyone.

      People who are sueded by looks and money problem aren't the people who will be with you for the long run consider those things can be lost

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    • Yes I suppose someone of a preferred race may have more lenience not standard wise but extra time to prove himself especially if he's of rarity to me

      I'm not taking back my red flag on South Asians & Arabs. I too would never completely write off a race but I gave them a red flag for logical reason

      I'm of African descent South Asians and Arabs are most disrespecting and unaccepting of my kind especially in terms of entering the family
      Even if you find one good one, you will still deal with all the bad that they are surrounded with.
      And some associates will stop at nothing to degrade tie character and deem you unfit as a partner. There will be many excuses to cover up the true reason and you will be harassed.

      Sorry not sure if your white Asians or whatever the case but it's a real world out there for some of us and we must choose and observe carefully for our own safety

      Not saying I'd never again just saying I'd think 6 times as hard about it

    • If you don't believe me
      Look it up, there are stories out there, videos, statistics and people who can testify that I speak the truth

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  • Be good looking, every single time.

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