Staying in a room without noise?

Hi can anyone please explain to me the effects of being in a silent room as I feel like I tend to worry to the max and be very negative if I stay In a very quiet room. I need to hear music or people talking. N the fact that I've to stay in the student accomodation during the whole of summer is really scary.


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  • Google "psychological consequences of stay in anechoic chamber."

    • But is it really anechoic since it's not that silent to the extent I hear my blood flow. I still hear clock ticking and things like these but no human voice. s..

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    • Ok sorry then it's not silent. But what are the other ways I can google the actual thing I'm facing right now? Thanks..

    • Psychological consequences of auditory deprivation.

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  • It is fine.. it can be very relaxing


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  • It's called boredom


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