Do you ever look at old pics pf yourself and think wtf was I thinking?

Example everything ever worn in, the 80's


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  • Surprisingly, I don't get that thought.

    Lol, my mom dressed me well but there is this one pic of me that is so ugly and funny.

    My teacher and classmates laughed at it too.

    When I showed it to my family, they laughed and sent it to my relatives in my country and they laughed as well.

    I still have it, and we still laugh at it whenever we see it.

    That terrible.



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  • Well I was a baby in the 80s.

    But I do look back when I was a teen at those huge hula hoop looking earrings I wore a couple of times.

    Wtf was I thinking?
    Wouldn't wear earrings that huge anymore.


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