What do you think of the current Jeep recall of 1.4 million cars?

  • It is scary that people can have so much control over those Jeep cars.
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  • It is not scary, things like this happen.
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  • That is what you get for buying a Jeep.
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  • I own a Jeep and mine has been recalled.
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  • It's a Jeep/Chrysler/ what can you expect. It took them 4-5 years to fix the front ends {balljoints} that kept falling apart.


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  • About all manufacturers do recalls
    yhat's what you get for buying a car. Nike doesn't recall. Horse traders? ROFLMAO.

    • Yes I know all manufactures do recalls. They all recall cars much more often these days and it is not that cars are less reliable it is because of the fact that these days they recall cars for even really tiny things which they did less of years ago.

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