Would you think this is rude?

This girl kept annoying me in this group project and said, "I think we shoudl do this because my friend said so," and I was like..."your friend is ONE person out of so many people."

I feel bad, but really what would she expect? How stupid does one have to be to base their judgment of a project worth so much on someone else's opinion?


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  • I get what you are trying to say is that other peoples opinions also need to be considered but it may have been partly the way you said it. The problem with many girls is that they are like this though, they don't want to be told they are wrong and so many of them will argue right to the end to try and convince you that you are wrong even if the truth is they are wrong. It gets so frustrating and annoying.

    • I mean not all girls are like this but too many these days have the blame everything on someone else attitude. I personally feel it is them being oversensitive that does it a bit and the feeling of having to be right and get back at people.

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  • It's not nothing like stupid, but whatever since i'm not the one being annoyed.
    it's dependence, when the time in your childhood, parents are become the only gauge for you to distinguish right and wrong, so the girl you referred here, she's just not ready for independent life, and really relies on her "gauge", so the gauge as her friend have been keeping her in accomapny so long that she had this person decided everything for her, she fell for this person.

  • No disrespect or anything, But... This issue seems like a very pathetic little squabble to me :/

    • No disrespect or anything, but that girl made my life a living hell just because of stupid squabbles like this. And it got me thinking... are girls really that oversensitive? I wouldn't know seeing as how most of my friends aren't girls

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    • No I just didn't elaborate on what she did afterwards.

      Forget it, this question is dumb and so is that girl.

    • Dont get me wrong, she made a bitchy remark yeah, but, just put it behind you matey, Its not worth getting so worked up over ya know?

      All the best.

  • You aren't rude, you are correct. People need to use their own minds and not do what others tell them, just because someone told you something and sounded convincing doesn't make them correct.
    Use you brain, thats why you were given one, keep it real and maybe start making more comments like this to people. Just make sure you come across in a subtle manner, rather than shutting people down.(if you are bothered by it, which I am not). :)


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