I just saw someone hit their man yelling to him that he wasn't going to a party?

I watched the encounter heading over. They walked opposite ways but I was following the guy to make sure he was okay. I think he thought I stalked him because he jumped in his car and drove off when all I wanted to do was make sure he was okay and then tell him to charge the bitch with assault.

I was secretly hoping that she would see me, come over, make a scene so I can try and harm her as much as possible by biting or thrusting my keys in her eyes...

What should I have done differently if anything? Have you ever been in such a situation?

(They were across the street mind you so it took a bit to get to where they were. And I am really angry right now... Poor guy...)


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  • You probably took a better route than I would have because I would have jumped in upon seeing the contact without much thought. I'd yelled "Hey!" to get their attention and ask why she hit him and tell her she has no right to do that. As for the guy I'd let him know to stay away from her as much as possible and that he DOES have the right to defend himself. As for pressing charges I'd only recommend that if I can get info about a history of her hitting him and/or that she'll continue.

    • He has a right to defend himself true, BUT it depends on the situation. He wouldn't have feared for his life due to the slap. If multiple girls were jumping him, I'd understand.

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  • Holy fuck, Where the fuck do you live for this shit to happen? 0_o

    • That sounds like an ignorant comment. It happens where you live as well. England isn't immune to abusers.

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    • It DOESN'T matter! I haven't heard of people having sex in my apartment complex, but that doesn't mean that it DOESN'T happen.

      Holy hell. That's pretty stupid to assume.

    • Someones got some fucking anger issues dont they... jesus fucking christ 0_o

      Maybe in shitty city whereever you live, Its common place to beat the shit out of people, But here, In small countryside communities, If you hit someone, That shit would be on the radio for a week solid, Im not saying it dosent happen, Im just saying, If it does, It would be rare as absolute fuck.

      Im sure the city where you live probably has 50 times the number of people who live on my entire island... so yeah... it is rare...

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  • Minding your own business sometimes works in your favor.
    Sometimes trying to rescue someone else can cause you your own life or get you severely injured.

    Example -
    46 year old man (mistaken as a younger guy in this video) was badly beaten up in a train for intervening when a 52 year old man slapped two teens for putting their foot up on a chair behind him

    See the aftermath to see the extent of his injuries

    There are countless stories like this.
    You pretty much hear it in the news everyday.

    If you really feel the need to take action you can always alert authorities.

    • That would help if I had a phone on me which I didn't. I understand "minding your own business" but I find that to be cowardly and disgusting for me to do while people are free to do as they choose. I would rather make sure the person is okay.

    • That's a heroic action if you to want to do that.
      I'm sure we all do.
      But you have to be street smart , they have maniacs they have out there.
      I don't find not intervening cowardly but rather smart.
      This guy could have lost his life in this video for two teens that didn't bother to even stop the abuse (he saved them from getting).
      That could very well be you.

  • I would have gotten a good look at them and described it to the police is what I want to say but if I am to be completely honest, I would have wanted to have beaten her ass:)