Which of these troubled cartoon youth on DeviantArt would you rather be on a mission with?

DeviantArt does more than just fanart. Sometimes, artists upload original ideas, and other artists build on those ideas and the groundwork is laid for what could become tomorrow's film/television, if the right studios find it and like it.

This poll is, for simplicity's sake, going to focus on only two teams. I've left the Sodality of Gerosha out this time, as they and the PhVP are going to have their main storylines pretty much outlined soon. If you want to know, just ask. Plenty of info is already out on them.

These teams are up for question though:

- The Swappernetter Trio ("Swappernetters" - Dozerfleet Comics), living in a post-"Sodality" Gerosha Chronicles timeline.

Inspired by: "Mirror's Edge," "The Runaways"
Members: Tabitha Pang, Sarah Ruben, Tobias Reno
Allies: SCALLOP, Navyrope Society
Enemies: Icy Finger, Future Arkansas

These 16-year-olds each served time as political prisoners in a dystopian future Arkansas, for opposing state-monopolized education. After getting out, they become freedom fighters that promote independent education via swapping info on flash drives in back alleys. They steal the powers of Mapacha del Feugo of the Sodality of Gerosha, giving them super speed to outrun corrupt feds and allowing her to retire and focus on her alter-ego's modeling career. It's a serial drama.

- The Camelry ("Dramedy Sour Power Hour" - Dozerfleet / Prodigal-Gamer/Shases/AnirBrokenear), living in a variation of the Prodigal-Gamer universe.

Inspired by: "Avengers," various cartoons
Members: Lightning Hobo, Lemon Witch, Ion Boy, Laney the Laughable, the Glob
Enemy: Xiboruty the Alien

A hobo and some convicts-turned-mercenaries that have been horribly mutated avenge Camelorum Correctional and the nearby town from the seemingly unstoppable alien menace that created three of them. It's a comedy.

If you'd like to know more about either team or its members, just ask. Though... their list of past charges, like the A-Team's, would way surpass this post's character limit.

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For those who don't mind the TL;DR version, it's here:



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  • The Camelry.

    • Excellent. Another reason I left the Sodality off is because they have about 30 members. There aren't enough characters to a post on this site to cover all that ground. Camelry has a wider variety of powers, even if their motives are less pure. I'll make sure the other artists catch wind of the polling data. It'll help them promote their own brands.

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