Cheapest place to fix iphone broken screen?

But also has good reviews


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  • An Apple Store.

    • I checked it's like buying a new phome

    • *phone

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  • Best Buy can do it right away.

    • But the price is the same as buying a new phone..

    • I doubt that because buying a new phone costs about $700 unless you are getting a new phone at Verizon or Sprint or wherever in which case you get the phone "cheap" (but will pay the full price and then some in the long run) and get the privilege of being their slave for another two years with "an upgrade".

      Word of advice: Never give a motherfucking cellphone company a single extra penny whatsoever. To them, you are sheep and they are wolves. Until we realize this, they will continue to fuck us - early and often - with their hidden fees, "upgrades" (two year slavery extensions), and lack of updates to your phone so you have to buy a new one. Worst fucking industry there is - even worse than pharma and cable/satellite/stream TV.

    • Here: Geek Squad at Best Buy:

      Geek Squad® Mobile Phone
      Cracked Screen Replacement
      Have a cracked screen on your iPhone® 5, Samsung Galaxy S II or Galaxy S III? Get it fixed at your local Best Buy store.
      A Certified Mobile Phone Cracked Screen Replacement Agent is on site to expertly remove your broken mobile phone screen and install a new one.
      Bring in your iPhone 5, Galaxy S II or Galaxy S III to see if it qualifies for in-store repair. iPhone 5 screens can be replaced for $149.99. Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III screens can be replaced for $99.99. Schedule an in-store screen replacement ›

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