Hardly anything makes me sad and I never fell in love, is this how some people react too?

I had to go to two funerals, my friend's aunt and my great-uncle. While many people were gathering, mourning and crying, I didn't feel sad. I just felt nothing. No sadness nor upset, nor happines, nothing.

I had this similar reaction when watching a sad movie or in 7th grade getting shown a scene about the Holocaust. It brought a couple tears to some classmates but I was like ''yeah whatever'' and even nearly fell asleep.

I was two relationships but just never fell in love. I just liked their company, it's fun dating and well just went along with it because I like the idea of being in a relationship. Not sure if I might be different or is this how some people react too?

I guess the best word to describe what I felt at the funeral and the 7th grade incidence is apathy.


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  • I think it's normal.

    • Thank you. I guess it's an advantage to me that I'll never have to deal with getting overly emotional nor dramatic if a break-up happen.