Can a chess champion be beatable?

Ok, so my boss is 32 years old and has been a chess champion since he was 12.

He keeps challenging me to agame of chess because I am pretty good. I haven't played in 4 years so I am a little rusty.

Last week, he has slayed me within 15 minutes.

Today, I did much better less than 10 minutes of studying. I still lost though.

He had a knight, a bishop, a king, 4 pawns. I had a rook, a king and 3 pawns.

Whereas last week I lost eveyrthing and he nearly had all of his pieces. Do you think a chess champion can be beatable after a few practices?

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  • probably not, you could have beaten him in the first game, because underestimation means a lot in chess. You go for the easy killer move or the late game moves. If he goes for easy killer and you are a lot better than he assumed, then he's in big shit.
    If he defeated you in 3-4 matches that means he knows your level, but you don't know his beause you haven't defeated him yet.

    • But my strengths is that I know all his moves, I am determined and I have a grasp of his thinking skills.

    • no, pro players always have spare moves down their sleeves. Just play for fun though maybe you get lucky :P

Most Helpful Girl

  • it's not impossible, but rather unlikely if he is a chess champion. why do you want to beat him so bad or even play with him? i find chess to be really boring

    • How would you feel about being able to say that you've beaten a renowned champion at his own game?

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    • @Xelebrum

    • He has extreme pride. He knows I am a big girl and can handle a slaying. I told him to not take it easy on me.

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  • It's gonna take you years to beat that guy if he's been a champion for so long. It took him years to get to that level so it should take you the same amount of time and effort.

  • Well, "chess champion" is a pretty undefined term. If he was actually any good, he would be bragging about his rating, not that he is a "chess champion."


What Girls Said 1

  • it can be done.