Why do I keep having nightmares about my ex?

I have been with a new guy for over a year now. He treats me very well. But I keep having dreams about my ex. Most of the time he is breaking in my apartment and or attacking me. Out of the whole two years I've been apart from my ex, I maybe had one or two dreams where I felt sorry for him. All together me and my ex were together for about 12 years. During the first 8 of those he was verbally abusive and at times physically abusive. He never beat me but he struck at me from time to time when I made him angry. The last 4 years of our relationship he tried to correct his behavior. He didn't strike at me but he was verbally abusive from time to time. :'( I am not sleeping well. It's affecting my everyday routine. I don't know why I'm having these dreams and I don't know how to get them to stop :(


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  • I think it's just on your mind and that's why you're dreaming about it. Dreams show what's happening in your deep sub concious so if I'm walking down the street and see my ex, she'd probably be in my dream that night. As you commented in @bubble_tea 's answer, going for custody of your child may feel like a war between you two so you it would naturally be in your dreams. I presume it's a nightmare just because you don't particularly like him or you may be scared of him because of your past and you don't know how be will react.

    Good luck :)

    • I am, scared of him. I moved so he wouldn't know where I lived and yet I'm still scared he will find me and break in :(

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  • I think your mind is preparing you for the critical moments.

    • I think your right. I'm currently going for custody of our child. And I have been worried he will break in and worried he may do something crazy. I have so much stress about this. :(

    • D: Well, your mind is only preparing itself. It doesn't mean he's actually going to do those things you dreamed.

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