Should we still hold out on this apartment?

My boyfriend and I met with a landlord and checked out his awesome apartment that sits right on a lake. It was wonderful. We told him we were ready to move on to the next step and so he got our SSN's and phone numbers and said he'd be back to us by Tuesday (it was Saturday) I was in contact with his daughter, who knows my family and she gave me the scoop on all of the other tenants and said that her dad was a great landlord. She even texted one of my aunts who she is good friends with and told her we were getting the apartment. My boyfriend messed up one number on his SSN and called him Saturday night to fix the error and they talked on the phone for a good 15 minutes. He told us we had to bring $1200 for last and first months rent. Fine. Then the very next day, he passes away! What happens now? We were in the process of signing the lease. Will we still get the apartment? Should we hold out? I don't want to ask the daughter because I feel that is rude. But we are so bummed. Any advice or insight as to what we should do here?


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  • Since you are anonymous, I don't know where you are located. I will assume that you are in the US. The person who administers his estate can rent the apartment; the administrator is the person who is designated by his will to administer the estate, but he will must be probated and the administrator confirmed by a court appointment. Without seeing the will, there is no way to know who that person will be. I would wait 5-7 days and then tell the daughter that you are still interested in renting the apartment when the family is ready to tend to such matters.

    • Yes, I'm in the US. Thanks for the input! It helps a lot!

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  • It depends on who he left the properties to. There's a good chance he left them to his daughter or someone else in the family. Give them some time to figure things out, maybe send condolences because your families know one another, and in about a week, contact the daughter and ask if you are still able to rent the apartment.

    Because you were in the process of renting the place, I don't see why you wouldn't get it, however it depends on who got the properties in the will. They could decide to become the new landlord, or they may decide to sell the property. Both circumstances are fairly common.

    • Oh that was the first thing I did when I found out the news. I guess it's just a waiting game now. Thanks for the advice!

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  • Who ever he signed for acting Landlord will be the one who will see you get in there just don't give no money unless you tell them you get a receipt showing proof of payment of
    security deposit also make sure things are in writing with agreement and of your lease make sure your guarantee to get in that apartment , Don't sign anything without looking and reading things cause you could sign and they could move someone else in there hey i don't trust people now days.

    • I am an attorney. This post is well intended, I'm sure, but not correct.

    • @Anonymous Be Careful giving out your real identity on here
      sorry no offense to no one but you never know I'm sure they
      do have someone as acting landlord for that late landlords
      housing situations i wish you the best of my luck :D

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