GAGers: Who would you consider to be worse? An amoral person, or an immoral person?

I know what many of you reading this are thinking, "Isn't that the same thing? What's the difference?" And while maybe people who are amoral are eerily similar to those who are immoral, and vice versa, there is actually a key difference that distinguishes the two.

An amoral person is who either has no morals or has no comprehension of morals. In cases of the latter (a person who doesn't understand the concept of morals), they are someone who literally does not know right from wrong, who performs horrid acts soley for their own benefit. These people are psychopaths. Keep in mind that one doesn't have to be a machete or chainsaw wielding murderer to be a psychopath.

Immoral people, on the other hand, DO know right from wrong but choose to do evil things and make others suffer not necessarily because they want to get ahead of everyone else and be the best, but because fuck them and everyone near them. These people are not psychopaths, but sociopaths.

  • An amoral person.
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I forgot to finish my question:

Now, let's say there are these two men in death row who had committed the same crime. But one is a psychopath, and the other is a sociopath. Who would you consider to be inherently worse? The one who does not know right from wrong but also has no remorse or guilt, or the one who does know right from wrong but also has remorse and guilt?


Most Helpful Girl

  • An amoral person is worse to me because they're going to be unpredictable. You know that an immoral person will be immoral. An amoral person will do whatever suits them at the time.

    • Plus an immoral person could still feel remorse for their actions, while an amoral person would not give a fuck.

    • Exactly!

Most Helpful Guy

  • i'd say amoral person... i believe an immoral person could change... maybe one day he/she could realise wot he/she's doin's awful and change his/her ways ultimately

    an amoral person though... how could he/she be taught da difference between wrong and right? :|

    • Exactly. While they did know that what they did was wrong, they're still capable of feeling remorse. While an amoral person would not care.

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What Girls Said 3

  • I think that an immoral person is wrong. An amoral person literally has no idea what they're doing is right or wrong, so it's not like if they do bad things it's something they know they're doing. To them, it's just another thing, whilst to us it might be something awful or something that we don't consider appropriate in society. (Even though only a small minority of psychopaths actually do end up doing that kind of stuff).

    An immoral person is well aware that what they're doing is wrong and they know the effects that it can have on other people, but they don't care. With amoral people, it's not about not caring, it's about not understanding, so that makes immoral people worse, in my opinion.

  • Immoral people are worse because they know** the difference between good and bad but still choose the bad. They both sound really bad though.

  • I think an immoral person is worse because they do know right and wrong but still choose to do wrong, while an amoral person has no sense of the difference between right and wrong. It's like a child can be amoral because they sometimes don't know the difference between right and wrong, while an adult murderer is an immoral person because they do know it's wrong but still pursue it.

    • That is true, but keep in mind that an immoral person could still feel remorse for their actions while an amoral person would not care about what they did.

    • eeeh It's a hit and miss. Would you really wanna gamble your life in the hopes that the immoral person you encounter MAY have a conscience or feel remorse. I say it's all about the motive. The reason behind why they're doing what they are doing. Is it because they are confused and don't know any better, or is it merely because they enjoy it?

What Guys Said 3

  • I think immoral person is worse but the amoral person scares me more.

  • Immoral people are worse because they know fully that the actions they commit are wrong but they either refuse to change their ways or they ignore the thoughts of their actions being immoral and continue to do wrongful acts.

    An amoral person literally cannot tell the difference between right from wrong.

  • Obviously the one who did it with the intent. I don't think you should be put to death if you really didn't know it was wrong. Maybe put in a facility to protect others and possibly help

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