Any one goes to Princeton? Question about eating clubs?

I'm starting college in not so long and I'd really like to join an eatin club, specifically the Ivy Club - I'm very involved in fencing and from what I've seen, it's the one which suits my personality best
Is it really hard to get in an eating club? What are the exact requirements to be accepted? Thanks in advance.


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  • You go to Princeton?

    • Yes, no?

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    • Well moving to the US is adventure to me! And you guys have the best colleges.

    • Yeah, but our Highschool suck...

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  • i think your freshman year will help you determine it. i don't know anyone at princeton anymore, but i knew a few people from the ivy club and the cottage club.

    overall, the people i knew who went there said that tower, ivy, and cottage were the best. tho cottage has a tendency to be filled with blue bloods and racists (from what they told me).

    Good luck! :)


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  • Just find the fattest fucks on campus and then join them you greedy piggy.


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  • What's an eating club?

    • It's basically Princeton's equivalent of frats and srats.

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    • Which university are you talking about?

    • I'm not American.