I want to write a book, but I don't know what to write about. Does anyone have any ideas?


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  • Ok, here's a few base ideas.

    1. a mysterious door shows up in the middle of your school hallway, you seem to be the only one who can see it. Upon opening the door you just see more of your schools hallway, but is it the same?

    2. you wake up with no memory of who or where you are in the middle of new york.

    Take it from there for either one, its your story. here's something I've written (it sucks but a good example)
    “What exactly are we looking for?” Yelled Jim over the sound of the helicopter.

    “Jake said we are supposed to find some civilian with red eyes, says that he is near by.”
    Nate replied. The helicopter roared over the red cliffs of the Nevada, causing animals to burrow
    into the ground and scurry away with fear.
    “Red eyes? Is she wearing them colored contacts?” Jim asked jokingly.
    “Maybe he is an evil alien!” Nate joked back, but Jim gave him a confused look.
    “What makes you think she is a he?” Asked Jim.
    “What makes you think he is a she?” Nate asked back.
    “I am going off of gut instinct, and I haven't seen a proper woman in three years.” Jim
    “What are you talking about? You just saw my wife a week ago!” Nate said.
    “I said a proper woman, not an ugly troll.” Jim muttered under his breath, but Nate heard
    him and before Jim could protest Nate had jumped on top of him and began punching him in the
    shoulder, Jim was laughing till Nate had struck his jaw. “OK! I’m sorry, your wife is beautiful!”
    Jim whined under the helicopters magnificent sound. Nate took his seat again and began
    watching the ground for anything out of the ordinary.
    “Hey, Nate? What is that?” Jim asked pointing out the window between a pair of cliffs.
    “Thats the minefield.” Nate replied stubbornly.
    “I know that! Whats that in the minefield?” Jim said.
    Nate gave Jim a questioning look, then looked out the window on Jim’s side and looked
    where he was pointing. Then he saw it, there was something, or someone, crossing the minefield.
    Nate took out his laptop and turned on the helicopters camera and zoomed in on the thing, which
    turned out to be a kid, crossing the minefield, with red eyes which were looking at Nate.


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  • Well what are some things your interested in...


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  • When it comes to doing creative things people make the mistake by not starting at all.

    Just start by writing whatever you feel strongly about. Maybe you will finish that but sometimes in the process of writing you suddenly stumble on other things that are even better to write about.

    So, ask yourself what you feel strongly about and... just start!

  • They always say "Write what you know." and that is always best because you can easily put your emotions into it and the words will flow.

    So, the first thing you have to ask yourself is: Fiction or Nonfiction?

  • Make it fictional! I wanna be an author when I grow up, and I find it much easier! Although, if you have a personal experience, it'll make a story many times more real.

  • 😔😔😔😔.🎅🎅🎅🎅


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