Me driving vs my crazy father... what do I do?

Some back ground, I am 22 years old, have my own car and am extremely good at driving.
My father even to prove I was not good, he hired a professional driver to examine me, and he came back and told me that I drive perfect.
My father still will not let me drive alone, and when he is with me he yells, and screams.
For example: The speed limit is 40, and i will go 30 and he will yell and scream that I am going too fast and embarass me in front of other drivers.

I don't know what to do. I just got this awesome job, and I dont want him driving me back and forth. i want to drive myself, Im a grown ass man and he is treating me like a kid.

Please do not tell me to move out because I can't... for cultural reasons.

I need to know how to handle this.


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  • This is a father/son battle over who is in control. I could write much more but bottom line is that if you live under his roof you abide by his rules.

    I suggest you remain patient and let him drive you. He'll tire of that rather quickly, believe me.

    • My man he's been driving me for the longest time and he doesn't mind doing it. He will drive me to college, and wait 3 hours in his car till I come out like its nothing.
      I can't go on dates because girls get tired of me cuz i can't drive anywhere, I can't go out and do anything fun, I can't even go to the damn store. Like the guy is psycho, and I need a solution quick. This is going too far.

  • lol hilarious how about moving out... his house his rules

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