Question about boxing?

In boxing you have angles, what are they, can you give me an example. When you jabbing the angles, where are the angles and are the angles coming at you? Im confused.


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  • For example. You don't stand with your entire torso facing your opponent. You stand at an angle facing your opponent to make it harder for him to hit you and you have less surface exposed to your opponent.

    • Ok, so if someone says you were jabbing all their angles, will that mean the same.

    • Hmm... It can be hard a little hard to explain.
      It's also about finding good angles to attack your opponent. Lets say he/she has their guard directly in front of their face. You could then find other angles to attack - like stepping to the side and punch from that angle instead of hitting straight ahead into the guard. Or you make a dodge and try to land an uppercut if the guard is to far from their face. There is endless combinations and angles to find.
      It's both about finding good potions where you expose as little as possible of yourself and about finding good positions to attack from (angles).

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  • A fundamental aspect of boxing is your footwork... if you remain still, you options of how you will attack or defend are limited. For example, when you sidestep, you open up new angles for either offence or defence, creating more opportunities...

  • I am a Golden Golden Gloves Champion something like that has to be taught in person

    • Ok, so if someone says you were jabbing all their angles... or do I still need to be taught in person

    • Of course you do if not all the world champions would learn how to Box online. The Gym is the way, a good Boxing instructor will teach you but make sure you get a guy that knows what he's doing ask around first. Good Luck

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  • I don't think its that much about angles...