What do you guys think of this video?

Ok so I found this video on youtube titled "Male activist owns feminazi". And to be honest I'm actually on his side :D his comebacks were on point. What do you think?
PS. He owns her twice in this vid :P once on 3:38 and once in the end of the vid lol


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  • Lol love the rudov. The one and only smacking dumb bitches down where he may roam.


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  • Yes I agree!

    • lol with whom? The woman or the man?

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  • He won on the two one liners at the points you referenced but he lost in some parts by going off the reservation. Neither came out well of the video.

    • I don't think he went off the reservation at all. He made some fine points in his arguments but if they would've stopped interrupting him so much and let him finish, he'd make his conclusions more clear.

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