Do you believe these stories? How do you make them work for you?

So I was watching this christian television network and some woman moved to Haiti and adopted 4 orphans and she wanted to communicate with them but did not speak Haitain. She prayed to God and then all of a sudden she could speak Haitan and was able to communicate with her 4 adopted children.

I also heard a story of a guy who was working a job God did not like and God taught him all the details that he would need to know about house refurnishing even though he never went to college for it or did any kind of apprenticeship for it.

Can God do something like that for me?


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  • I'll only belive them if these things happen to me... otherwise I think they're lies.


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  • I'm a believing Christian and I have a lot of trouble when I hear stories like these. For most people (Christians included) achievements come by doing the hard work, not by that kind of revelation from God.
    Sure it's OK to pray for instant God-given skills and I'm fully convinced God CAN do it. . . . but we need to still be doing the difficult work.
    Too many Christians and others sit home thinking "God must not want me to work because no employers knocked on my door this week."

  • Of course not... but your religion can do something else for you: give you the courage to learn quickly!
    They probably changed these stories to make them sound like miracles but God really doesn't have this "abra cadabra" stick to make that happen :D
    These people were probably very religious and that gave them the boost to achieve their goals in a very short time scale...

  • Sorry don't believe them for a second - Makes a mockery of religious faith. u


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  • I don't believe them.

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