Australian Visitor Visa?

I want to get a 12 month long visitor visa to Australia because of financial and personal reasons but I hear it's difficult to obtain a 12 month long visitor visa when you apply for one.


How can I get one?

How long does it take to process such a visa?


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  • It can't be all that hard because my little cousin got one; her boyfriend was Australian. Different people can have vastly different experiences with visa applications (especially if the administrative officials aren't the same, which is usually the case anyway). She didn't have a job offer or anything, she just applied, then ended up living there for years. She and her boyfriend were never married or engaged.

    Good luck. :)

    • Thanks.

      Can I just ask, did she get a 12 month visitor visa? And then stayed there longer than 12 months?

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    • Great, thanks, because I have a boyfriend who isn't a citizen yet but he is working there and has family there. I want to go there to be with him until I can permanently stay there.

      I heard you couldn't get a job on a visitor's visa but if your sister could, I guess anything is possible.

    • I've read about this in regards to many countries. You can't reveal on arrival that you're planning on looking for work (so don't carry a resume), but you can apply for a different kind of visa after arrival. That may be one option here. Hope it works out for you. Printed travel guides (like from Lonely Planet) should have more info.

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  • What do you look like.. Just marry someone from here and stay as long as you want.. Or you could visit Mexico and just walk across.. Everybody else does it


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