After a year, female who lived as a male , thinks that its more of a privilege to be a woman than a man. Any idea on why she would come to this?

Conclusion? Especially since the popular assumption is that its more of a privilege to be a man than it is to be a woman . Norah Vincent is her name. I know another GaGer posted a take on this but I know that no one even asked her why she believes that its more of a privilege to be a woman than it is to be a man... Share your thoughts. I was shocked that she felt that way because I (and probably the majority of the human population) was brought up and conditioned to believe that its more of a privilege to be a man than it is to be a woman.


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  • Because in a patriarchy where maleness is superior, men are forced to be overly manly and not show emotion and be the providers. women are free to be emotional and have social bonds and be caring without being criticized for it (to a degree, "being emotional" "overly sensitive" are still negative ways to describe women)

    • "men are forced to be overly manly "<--- really?

      who's "forcin" them? never heard any guy who's "less manly" being arrested :|

    • If a man cries or is emotional it's usually seen as a negative or weak trait. Guys Think They have to be tough, they posture themselves when they're around other guys. Every guy I know will make their voices deeper when they talk to other guys, stand taller, guys will give a "dominant squeeze" when they shake hands, little things like this. Anything besides beer is a "girly drink" and a girl is cool if she choses beer over a fruity drink. Guys have to subconsciously act manly for fear of being judged.

    • LOL... really? then those guys take society rules wayyyy too seriously.
      personally i just don't give a fuck about those rules... and whoever's gonna judge me's nothing more than an ignorant fool.

      for xample yeah generally i've got a "soft" voice... but i won't smoke 100 packs of cigarettes to make it deeper... so is anybody there who'd consider me "less manly" coz of my voice? also i'm thin as well (some smart people consider being thin "unmanly")... or i don't like "manly" stuff like cars or xchangin blows wid my friends just for fun...

      it's really sad when people think this way... i believe everyone's manly as long as their male genitals r still active... no matter their preferences, behavior, etc

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  • actually there r no privileges wether u r a guy or a gal... i dunno y people believe these shit but definetely not. we r fuckin equal now and we have NO priviliges ;)