Why didn't gag delete my account already :D?

I had many of my comments, opinions and questions deleted because of the non compliance with the terms of use and everytime i get a message warning me that they will delete my account. But i'm still waiting for the big day -_- . Seems like it will never come XD


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  • I'm pretty sure you're bribing them with pizza.


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  • Don't test the gods I've made the mistake and I have been imprisoned on this god awfulwebsite for eternity to spend it with abunch of people I dreadfully hate bitching about their problems and how much ass they eat in an ass eating contest it's the worst yet they won't let me leave , you're playing with fire good sir , it's not if you'll get burned it's how bad you will, I'm trapped here for ever no matter how hard I try to escape I find my self answering people's ridiculously stupid questions it's gotten so bad I have been even asking people dumb questions it's torture complete and utter torture

    • I think i know what you are talking about because this feeling is somehow starting to invade me.

    • Yes it takes over enjoy the awful ride you'll be on it for a while :p

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  • You're a nobody here. Not famous yet due to your forgettable name. They figured they'll be lenient here.

    • No one is famous here at most well known if anyone walked down the street they wouldn't be recognize able nor would people fan out

    • This doesn't make sense. They, on the contrary should be more tolerant with famous ones. Because forgettable names could be just accounts made for trolling. Or maybe they think they wouldn't stay here trolling for long?

  • I'm pretty sure you get 3 chances

    • I'm pretty sure i have been warned way more than 3 times...

    • lol mind control. I assume you can be in their system for as long as you don't make duplicate accounts or anything like that

  • Lol I don't know maybe they haven't gotten around to it yet.


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