What do you believe will happen to you when you die?

Obviously no correct answer, but interesting to hear what people think and believe in any case. Thanks!


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  • I want to be cremated. So what happens is, they put me on this claim or whatever that is, I roll into the oven, I burn to ashes, my ashes are spread some place nice (at least I like the idea of it) and that's pretty much it. I don't believe in the existence of a soul in a supernatural sense. I do use the word "soul" sometimes but only as a synonyme for what in psychology they would call psyche. Obviously, when I'm dead my brain waves stop. All the hormones stop to be spread, all the chemical and electrical process in my brain (and body) stop. This means that I basically lose myself. If I don't have a brain anymore, I don't have thoughts anymore. I don't have a character or a personality anymore. I don't find that a scary. In fact, I find it extremely comforting. I like the idea of belonging to mother nature, belonging to the big circle of life. I am born, I live, I die. Just like an animal or a tree does. This fact very much tunes me in to nature, it brings me closer to all the other living things on this planet. I feel a part of it - and that's a beautiful feeling. I think it is more beautiful than the idea of having some sort of afterlife. Religious people tend to take their own existence as way too important. I know I'm not important for the universe or even for planet earth and that's quite okay with me.


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  • I believe something unexpected will happen to me after I die

    • Along what lines? Or completely unexpected to the point you don't know?

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    • I know that we are born with 6 senses but as we grow many block their 6 sense
      because we are lied to we are told there is no : witches, spirits , and so on
      We are taught what the eyes see is what is there and that is reality but the eyes can only see so much

      if we were not forced to block our 6 sense every one would witness extraordinary things everyday

    • so it's not that we are not allowed is that we do not allow ourselves

  • I don't know, I haven't died yet.

    • Of course not, that doesn't mean you can't have ideas of the possibilities.

    • Life will go on and universe will keep on going - stretching out - until it can't any longer. Then it will close back in on itself; light and time will reverse and we'll come back unaware we're living the same life again and again.
      Re-incarnated as yourself, I suppose.
      As plausible route of thought as any.

    • Enlightening, thank you!

  • I'll haunt my favorite place for all eternity muahahaha... I might bring a friend or two so I don't get bored :)

    • What is this favourite place?

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    • I may best you darling, but anyone and everyone can read this conversation. I wouldn't want to have to duel everybody. That would be a very busy day for me :)

    • Fair enough! Divulge the location through a message :P

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