Is HIV really that bad in Africa?

and if so I wonder why?

i always wanted to visit Africa one day, probably since i was in second grade. i mean from my point of view i dont see why anybody wouldn't want to visit such a beautiful warm tropical place that is reigned by the world's wildlife. let's not forget that growing up watching movies like The Lion King, Congo, etc. along with tv shows like Wild Discovery, Going Wild With Jeff Corwin, and Omba Mokomba kinda gave me more reasons to visit such a cool place.

now i'll be honest, as i got a little older and started puverty i developed more reasons to wanted visit this place after i started building up an attraction towards African women. but again if HIV is that bad in that part of the world i guess i'm gonna have to drop this as an excuse to want to go visit there.

ps= though i haven't heard anything about it in over a year now, i think the Ebola could of been another reason


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  • Okay. first of all, I'm sorry I'm gonna be a smartass here but this question sounds awfully American. Let's please not forget that Africa is a huuuuge place. It's not just one single country. I think people tend to forget how big it is. In terms of area, it's bigger than the US and the whole European continent combined! I have been to Africa with my family when I was a teenager. We went to Egypt. Many other Europeans also like to go on vacation to Tunesia or Morocco or Algeria. All of these places are vastly different from the area around Senegal or the Côte d'Ivoire, which again are vastly different from countries such as Kenya or the Sudan, which again are vastly different from central Africa (sometimes called "black Africa") such as the Congo, which again is vastly different from South Africa.
    As for the Congo: this is probably the very, very last place in Africa you want to go to. It's extremely dangerous. No doubt, it's a beautiful country with an astonishing nature but unfortunately, it has also been the site of an extremely brutal civil war for the past 30 years. The Congo has one of the highest murder and rape rates in the world. There's a huge variety of different armed extremists who torment the normal people to get to power. Innocent villages regularly get burned to the ground and their inhabitants raped, tortured, mutulated and murdered. Oh, and they also have child soldiers (and little girls get abducted and sold into sex slavery). It's really not a place you want to spend your vacation at.
    Now, as for HIV: HIV and other STD's have a lot to do with how well (economically speaking) a country is doing and how socially equal it is. If there is a lot of poverty, STDs tend to be more prevalent because poverty usually means bad education or a lack of education. This can even be seen in the western world. When I see Americans writing about sex on the internet, they often write about STDs. For example a lot of Americans use the argument of STDs to argue against having a lot of casual sex partners. To me, this always seemed like a very strange thing to say until I learned that the STD rate is much higher in the US than in my country, where it's not really a topic. So as for Africa: there are countries in Africa that are incredibly poor and others that are doing relatively well. If you go to Kenya or Ghana or South Africa, you certainly don't have worry as much as in Mali or Uganda. But very generally speaking, yes HIV is still a big problem in Africa.

    • yes its 100% American of course. so you are correct.

      but thanks for the info! wow so Congo is worst than Uganda? i would never expect that. but oh well i will keep this in mind and visit those other ones you pointed out. either way i'm an affiliate of a traveling company that's based on vacations and all these good old stuff. so i'm pretty sure they will also keep me inform on this

    • Well I mean, I'm not an expert on Africa but Uganda is certainly safer than the Congo (except maybe from the western borders, since Uganda borders to the Congo in the west). Going on vacation in the Congo is like going on vacation in Afghanistan. There's all kinds of heavily armed nutcases just waiting for a naive westerner to step into their traps. Of course that's a real shame because the Congo is actually one of the most beautiful places on earth (as did Afghanistan use to be until the 1970s or so). What I don't like about Uganda is that it's one of the most homophobic places in the world. They actually have the death penalty for making love with a person of the same sex. If you'd like to go on vacation in Africa and be relatively safe, I'd suggest either north African countries (except maybe from Libya) or places like Kenya, Ghana, Senegal, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia (perfect for Safari ;-)), or Gambia.

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  • People stopped talking about it but it didn't go away. It's how our society works. We pretend to care because we think we can fix things immediately and when they don't get fixed people still get bored of the idea and want something new to be outraged about. It's still pretty rampant in many African countries. Little contraceptives and lots of prostitution is keeping it alive.