I'm dreading going back to school in the fall, the thought makes me mad actually... any advice?

Im in a full time nursing program and tbh I can't stand it. I did really well this first semester and it's not even the subject that irks me because I believe I was meant to be a Nurse. It's all of the fake friends around me, long days & nights and it's hard to fit in working because of the school hrs & it's Mon-Fri. I never had time to do ANYTHING not even to eat sometimes... im not even kidding. Let alone time to spend with my kids 😔 It's just a lot, and im just thinking about how im not gonna have a life and have time for NOTHING but school. Oh and my friends keep talking about it on facebook but when we we're in school all they did was bitch & complain. Now that we're on summer break that's all they keep fckn talking about & it's annoying af. Ugh. Any advice? Im starting to miss community college.


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  • You already have kids?

    • I said that right? And guess what. Half thevgirls my age in my class does. Why does this surprise you?

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    • So fucking what. And i've been taking care of myself since I was 16... go to hell asshole

    • Whatever, have a nice day.

  • You'll get through it. Nothing worth having comes easy. If your friends are annoying just stop talking to them as much.


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