I heard a sound?

I was in my room and in my bathroom I heard a sound like something fell, went to check it and my bottom cabinet drawer was open, I could have opened it before, not sure, but I know that nothing dropped, nothing was on the floor or anything, nothing else was moved but that cabinet drawer that was open. Once again I may have opened it earlier, but I know what I heard and it came from my bathroom. What else could it have been? I just need reassurement from you guys what this may have been, if it has happened to you, i'm just really scared. Could it have possible been 'ghosts', I don't believe in them, but does anyone know if they actually are real? Once again, what could this have been! Am I over thinking it? I'm just terrified at this point and I don't take these things lightly.

turns out opened the cabinet drawer... hehe... but still the sound >.>?


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  • It could be the runner is loose or a host of other things. I wouldn't worry about it unless something bigger happens :)

    • Ok thanks, you're actually helpful, unlike the guy sending me pics of paranormal things lol

    • Nuuu child shoo, shoo @Ulyss

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  • Have heard the story of the man who lived under a bed in a family's house for week?


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