I need help on a good method to buy a car for low & fully with cash?

I was wondering, when you finance a car you get interest right. So I was wondering if you get a deal for a car that is 21,000 for a new car plus the interest and all that and you have the money to pay it cash but want get a better deal so you say you're going to finance it. Can you pay for it fully before the first Payment is due. Is that possible? Will I only be paying the 21,000 cash?


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  • I always paid my cars with a banker's cheque. Cash thus, no loan.

    If you finance a car with a loan through the seller he gets a kickback from the bank, thus can give you more rebate. When discussing the price let him believe you'll take a loan through the seller, then when you're down to the lowest price, change to paying cash (6)

  • You need to read your contract. SOME banks do penalize you for paying the loan off early. I know for a fact most private student loans work that way.

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