Why did I enjoy this from a woman I use to like (more than friends)?

Me and this woman have been talking to eachother for about 5-6 years through a friend (we have never seen eachother but we live 45 mineuts away from eachother)

anyway we both made it clear that we both liked eachother more than friends.. But after all that.. The years and months of talking everyday she stopped making an effort

but it seemed like she made convosation abit like she actually kinda wanted to talk to me

But yesterday I asked her 'why don't you talk first' and she said she hardly looks at her phone anymore even though she updates her status every hour or less and said she just doesn't bother.. But that made me extrmemly happy? Why?


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  • huh... da fact she's actually ignorin u made u happy? kinda surprisin tbh...

    i said she's ignorin u coz she actually checks her phone unlike she said since she's updatin her status so frequently...


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