Why on earth do people associate "Android phone" with Samsung, if Samsung phones are actually terrible compared to its competitors?

Almost every question on GAG that boils down to "iOS vs Android" is asked as "iPhone vs Samsung".

Why do people want to buy Samsung phones? They're actually terrible. I own one, we work with them, every Android developer eventually encounters the dread that comes from Samsung phones being a horrible mess. The Exynos Samsung devices had kernel errors that caused register corruption! It's literally a mess from the core.

Honestly, if people want to buy an Android phone, they should either get a Nexus 5 (32 GB internal storage, no SD card support and no replaceable battery, but it's amazing while it lasts) or 6 (if you're into bigger phones), an LG G4, or a One Plus Two (when it comes out). I don't know how well the Sony and the HTC compares.

There are so many better Android devices that are also either the same price or cheaper (the OnePlus costs about half of a Samsung phone) with much better software.

Why do people think Samsung is the only Android device worth buying?


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  • Same reason people who don't care about UI or performance buy iPhones: because it's cool!!

    I'm ditching my Samsung Note. Pre-smart phone, Samsung made some of the best handsets out there. They were innovative and the design and build quality was excellent, now they make generic shite filled with bloatware no one wants or ever uses. They have a problem with building charging ports too and just don't care that they wear out within months.

    I'm going back to the HTC come upgrade time (Only a few short months... come on upgrade!) because at least their phones have more interesting UI's and features and the build quality is excellent. I will be rooting my old phone though, I may have to tap you up for some advice Meson :)

    • My work mate got himself a nexus 5 and it is blazing fast, never seen Android that fast. O_O

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    • I love the Note 1, my brother has my old one and I rue the day I gave it away :(

      Not sure how I feel about no extra storage or battery options. Ok if the device manages its storage well.

    • Yeah, that's the only thing that ever kept me from buying a Nexus 5... and that it's a bit more expensive for me than to just go and buy one right now - I'm buying a few decks of Cards against Humanity instead :p

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  • Actually, why do people buy the "best-seller" iPhones even if iOS sux in comparison to Android?
    "Brand value"

    When Samsung Galaxy S2 was launched, it revolutionised the Android platform and with the devices like Galaxy Y, Galaxy Pop and Galaxy Ace, it provided Android to the low budget buyers which enabled people to use capacitive touchscreen and the apps which were only available to Apple users. With the launching of Galaxy Note (I know you loved it once) it created a new category. Successor to their popular Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 is the most sold smartphone ever.
    So, Samsung has a great history when it comes smartphones especially, Android.

    Now, its models are cheaper than Sony and HTC (at least here in my country) and it has the best processor, RAM, display, camera (MP and daylight only), features while keeping a good brand value. And it has the widest range of service centres.
    And an average customer doesn't care about kernel errors tbh. They don't even know about this.

    • comes to* smartphones

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    • @GirlScoutsRevenge - I agree. :)
      Oh you're keeping both? Then it'd be easier to choose as I think only LG G series could replace the Note.

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  • Because Samsung did a great job of marketing back in the day. Back in the day, they along with some help from carriers looking to sell the devices made it seem as if Android = Samsung phone. Just as Apple's main thing was marketing (not gonna deny iPhone was definitely a game changer when it first came out but since then they've been slow to the game with things like NFC and screen size).

    Also, most people don't know about kernels, cpu, type of display, what OS version, or even RAM regarding their devices let alone about what a registry error even is. They know the brand, generally know the size, maybe know the MP of the camera.

    Add to this the fact that (and I've seen it firsthand) Samsung's gimmicks that they throw which you'll use for about the first week of having the phone has people all in love with it when the salesperson shows it to them and that's it.

    They don't pay attention to the fact that Samsung's method is throw everything at the dart board and hope something sticks thereby sticking their devices with so much bloat nor do they know good UI from bad UI just see the gimmick and the brand.

    The One Plus Two, I'd argue to just get the OPO instead. It seems to me with all the leaks that they have in fact dropped the ball and compromised on making the Two and you're better off just saving up the money and getting the OPO which is legit. Unless you have Verizon.

    As far as HTC, really the only thing they offer better than others in my opinion is the audio quality. I agree with the LG G4, Nexus 5, N6 or OPO rather than the Two. I'd even say if you're on Verizon look at the Turbo if you value battery life as among the top considerations in a phone. You may even want to consider Moto X or Moto G or Moto E depending on your budget and preference (if you like active display and want Moto's nice little tweaks while staying mostly vanilla). As far as which phone though I'd say first see what factors rank where and then make the call.

    I have a N6, unlocked bootloader, rooted, 5.1.1, manage app permissions myself. If you get the N6 I would say is at the very least unlock bootloader and root then just manage wakelocks yourself rather than all permissions like I go through. Get the 64 GB though cause when you make a backup it takes some space. I got the blue whale 64 GB variant.

  • personally i've got a Samsung Galaxy for 3.5 years... i've dropped it ~200 times (i guess) and it still works... so not terrible at all.

    and yeah i'm satisfied wid t... so y should i complain? :p