Having hard drive trouble. Can anyone help?

I have a western digital My Passport 0740 hard drive. It's about 3 years old now and has been working fine until one day it just stopped. It's not recognised on My Computer but I followed some other instructions about going into Device Manager and looking to see if it is registering on there and it is. The popup says that it is working properly and I tried updating drivers but it says it is up today. I've tried a different cable and nothing.

I have about 1Tb of stuff on there so I'd really like to try and get the HD working if at all possible. Or is there a way to get the stuff off it. I'm slightly limited for computer space at the minute as I am using an Asus Transformer tablet which is running Windows 8 or 8.1. I can't remember.


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  • Try deleting system 32, that always helps.

    • But really, it sounds like you could transfer the data to another hard drive, but the only solution I see is taking it to a repair shop and having them fix it (be careful and choose a trustworthy one with reviews, as they can easily steal your files)

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  • If its only a 1tb drive and you have near 1tb of data that will be the issue. All files need 10% overhead of space so you dont use the whole 1tb.

    If you've deleted lots of files you should defrag your harddrive. But make sure you backup your data before you do.

    • Okay... but it's not registering so I can open these files and delete them

    • Tried booting in safe mode? It must be reading the HDD because you've got a working OS. Try running a virus scan and also, if you have it, run it CCleaner to clear your temporary files.

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