Girls, do you tan or (be honest) text and drive?

Girls who tan too much or text & drive very carelessly are girls I'm reluctant to go on a date with; I prefer girls who don't tan or text & drive period, but that'd probably make it impossible for me to get a girlfriend as far as I can guess. Am I right or wrong on that?

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  • I text & drive.
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  • Kind of a weird combo to ask about, since they're totally unrelated...

    I don't really do either. I do like to sit out in the sun, but I wear a lot of sunscreen and put a lot of effort into making sure I do not get a burn, because I am very fair skinned and terrified of skin cancer.

    I don't text while driving, but I will look at a text and maybe send a quick reply when I am stopped at a long red light.


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  • I don't do either. I'm extremely pale (like, I burn if I'm next to a window with too much sunlight coming through) so I don't really want to tan, it'd just look weird. And I don't drive, so there's no way I can text or drive.

  • i dont do both..

  • I don't tan on purpose. I spend a lot of time in the sun though due to marching band. I would never text and drive.