I feel stuck and I don't know what to do.. Help?

I'm 22. Going in to my final year of uni &I feel odd recently.
I feel like I've lost myself...
When I was working towards uni. Nothing could stop me. I was focused. Now I feel empty. I don't care about anything. I don't feel anything.
I went through a break up that upset me 3 years ago&I'm over it. It's what made me put my head down in college.

I'm recently 2 months out of a relationship &I'm pretty much over it but sometimes it makes me feel bad.
I feel like I should have just listened to myself&now he's another guy that can say he's been with me, when he really didn't deserve me. Thats what hurts me the most.
I have social anxiety& although I am confident, I have a problem with a work environment. It makes me panic.
I haven't had a job since i was 19 and I quite after 2 shifts because I was overwhelmed. This frustrates me.
I look at everyone around me and it just makes me quetions whats wrong with me...
I'm a good girl and I am a good person but I feel stuck.. hindered... damaged...
I guess my question is... Moving forward and forgiving myself...
Anyone would tell you I am the first person to get up and dance, I'm the one who everyone goes to for advice, I'm the girl who finds the good guys... I'm the girl with all the luck... I'm the one with the social life
But now I feel like I'm nobody, kind of just drifting..
I don't know how to get out of all this, I don't know how to overcome all my demons.
And things seems to be getting worse as I get older...


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  • You're probably having a little depression. Maybe talk to someone? It could be that the stresses from trying so hard have accumulated and are now trying to went.

  • do yoga fam :) and only you can help yourself... tell yourself you can DO IT! you get me fam?

    • man stfu... how many times do you gotta say "fam"?
      You say it in every sentence on every post. SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    • fam ya mad? LOl.. i can say whatever i want, you get me fam?

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