Who are you (filler ) ?

Not like ur name but who are what do u do in ur life who are you


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  • I'm a college student studying Computer Science who has too much time. Looking to start up a rock band. In my free time I also do art. I am that guy you find playing acoustic guitar under a tree on a college campus... well... except that it is usually like 11PM and I play by myself in a quiet area 😅 Other than that I volunteer on any music things around campus -- like playing guitar for theater bands.

    As for personality, I'm pretty shy and have few yet strong social connections with people. Most of the people I met at my uni were from dorm jam sessions. My friend and I basically find random empty rooms around campus and I'll play guitar as he sings... well until we get kicked out of there.


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  • I am a: martial artist, Student of a college, animal care-giver, brother, novice at electronic circuit boards, Video gaming, Athletic, & freak (according to my friends; they say I have too many hobbies)

  • I am this dude here.

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