Does he love me or is he obsessed with me?

so basically this guy in elementary school had this crush on my in 4th grade. and it was cute at the time because he was one of the few that showed an interest in me. i never liked him back like that though. then came 5th grade and he still chased me around.. 6th grade.. he was stll clearly into me, telling everyone he liked me. then we went to middle school and i stopped talking to him, made new friends and everything. then at the end of 7th grade year i got a text saying, " hey ! its me -------. wanna hang out?" so we hung out because i thought everything was in the past now. but then once AGAIN the chase started. i made it super clear that i didn't like him and i told him to stop telling people. yet he continued to message me and comment on my instagram pictures. finally i got a bit freaked out and blocked him. so we stopped talking again ! 8th grade came and in the middle of the year he finaly apologized and asked if i could unblock his # so we could "text like before" . i said i would but i told him it might not be the same. he said it was okay. so we texted and talked all towards the promotion day of middle school. i always left him hanging and showed little interest in our conversations but still he walked up to me on the graduation day, all dressed up we were and he said to me in front of my friends "you look cute as hell ------- , do you wanna go to the dance with me and my friends?" and he laughed and it was the cutest thing ever. so i said something about me bringing my friends. I don't know and then ughh sorry this is so long! um oh yeah he tried kissing me at the dance when we were dancing as a group and my i yelled "get off" and was super dramatic lol and my friends left with me. we're going to first year of highschool soon and his friend told me that he won't stop talking about me and that he keeeps calling himself stupid for what he did that day. is he obsessed? am i being dramatic?


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  • He's obsessed.