Do cycle shorts actually help?

do a lot of cycling at the gym minimum i do is about 10 miles/ 16.4 km the seats can get very uncomfortable after riding so long just wondered if cycle shorts help? why people wear them? are they worth the money? can you recomend any good brands? and can i do other workouts in the gym with them?


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  • Yeah they help but man do they look gay

    • lol im gonna wear something over them if i was to get them

    • Oh... it's noticeable. Even if you wear something over them it'll look like you're wearing a diaper. I gave up on them long ago and just deal with having monkey butt.

    • shit man lol i dont wanna pack in cycling but me plums and me ass are getting a real beating lol

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  • yh they are worth the money fam go buy it, you get me fam?

  • They are padded and support your junk. I cycle for real (I hate the stationary bikes) and probably the first thing that starts to hurt is my crotch - if not my genitals than my crotch starts to rub.

    • mate my plums and my ass are in real agony atm need to do something fast lol