Woah... just had the weirdest dejavu?

this time im like 97% sure i HAVE been through this moment before ,,,, its so weird

why do they happen anyway?


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  • so wot was it about?

    anyway i had some dejavus here in GAG as well... sometimes i'm about to answer a question here i think i already did before o_O

    • it was on GAG too !!

      like the whooooooole entire page was a dejavu like everything infront of me

    • LOL... did it happen again before?

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  • happens to me all the time!

    • really?
      it rarely happens to me and i get so weirded out lol

      do you think it actually did happen before or we are just imagining?

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  • It happens to me at least once almost everyday. Its happened so much that im starting to realize i have a dream about that moment a week or so earlier so its not that I've lived it, i just knew it was going to happen...

    • wow everyday? lol id be so freaked out

      and come to think of it i do think i might have dreamed about it... not sure though

    • Yeah its wack. My mom thinks i am a reincarnation or something cuz i did some weird ish when i was really young... Its pretty wack

  • Glitch in the matrix...


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