New job starting on Monday August 3rd and now I find out I am pregnant, how do I break it to my employer?

My new position at this office environment is as a receptionist. This is the back bone of any company. I am really looking forward to starting but I just found out that I am pregnant. Both are great things in life. But all at once?

How a! I supposed to break it to my hiring human resource manager and directors? When should I break the news.

All advice is welcome. Me and my fiance are celebrating both tonight either way.


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  • How far along are you? It's completely normal and acceptable for most people not to feel comfortable sharing the news right away. I just got a new job and interviewed at 17 weeks pregnant. I waited until they made me a formal offer which happened to also be on the same day as my anatomy scan which is when I personally felt confident that my pregnancy was healthy. Fortunately I work in a very family friendly environment and was already employed so the job move wasn't crucial (it was desired) and I knew pregnancy wasn't uncommon in the office.
    Either way though, congrats!!!

    • They should be allowed to sue you. This is ridiculous. You had no place in the workforce.

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    • I am roughly 5weeks, very early in my pregnancy but I have never faced this predicament in my past.

    • I would hold off on telling them then. At least until you can confirm everything. Not to scare you or anything, but there's so much that happens in early pregnancy with development and your body. Most employers are understanding about not coming out with a pregnancy this early in the game. Also it isn't uncommon to find out you're pregnant around the 6-8 week mark as well, so realistically there's a chance you may not have even noticed to test until after you started your job.

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  • They should be allowed to fire you. You are taking the spot of a peraon ready to go to work. Instead they have to wait on the sidlines because of you. Worst part of all they didn't get to tap the pussy.

    • You will show up with people already hating you. I know we all do. We can't take our vacations because we are team playera Nd you have a shit load of time off. Why dont we get the same paid time off just because

    • In all fairness we should.

    • You are the reason women as a whole face hardship. You and your kind.

  • just dont say anything. work as much as you can


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  • First of all congratulations! Secondly, you may want to wait a bit, after all August is just around the corner, perhaps a couple weeks into the job you can just let them know you're expecting, and I assume you really want to keep your job, so let them know you're still dedicated x

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