Why white guys are the official most attacked race of men by anti-whites blacks pretending to be white guys and white girls, some gays and haters?

Why blacks are allowed to have racist ethnic centrist culture, why only white people, white guys, are officially racially attacked even in the media by racist people of other races making videos and things taking advantage that americans trying to over compensate allow them to be racist against white, and take advantage of whites being forbidden to be ethnic centrist in the same way of the racist people of other races being ethnic centrist and wanting to take advantage of the non-natural culture manipulated only for white people be the only race officially attacked to please the racism, fantasies, hate, fetishes, everything with priority to please the black boy, then some men of other race, then some black women who think that they are included in something made for black people when the things made for "black people have priority in please the racism, fantasies, hate, fetishes, everything made to please the black boy against the white and this is why all American racial culture is biased, hide all the hate crimes of blacks easy to see over all the internet, want to use manipulated words as "reverse racism" just to try discredit, try to keep the jobs of people who keep racism in the news, media, social engineering of america, and you all enjoy this racism, because is made to please all your ethnic centrist racist hate.

Look at the videos, programs, everything is officially made only against white based in racial attack, lies, double standard, generalization, and they hide all the shit made by blacks, and the others seeing how blacks take advantage of the sick American culture, everyone want to become racist too if is not white, everyone want their race card and take advantage of the weak loser culture invented and forced and manipulated by media, news, movies in the social engineering made to try to make whites trained to accept everything against them to please all the haters and anti-white racist people.

Even the Asian boys of America are anti-white racist

Jews write about whiteness in such a condescending way, as if they have never utilized it for themselves when it suited them. The jewish is Ann L. Friedman and have a illegal immigrant filipino making this racist anti-white tv shit in MTV

Why everything good made by white people the race need to be removed, to remove the credits, but everything bad is related to white people?

Why in the bad criminal news, blacks are called "youth", "teen" "tenager" and hide their face, while whites are
While whites are called white people, white trash or something racist like this to be related with the word "white people" etc in the anti-white social engineering manipulation made in America to please the racist people of other races, to give the jobs of some sick people and other anti-white racist haters of other races in American things? Why everything is racially made against white to please the racist anti-white ethnic centrist people of other races? Imagine the brainwashing in schools


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  • Honestly, let them hate on us i dont really care. I know everyone else have these organizations that cry and bitch and we dont but honestly, you would have to be a pusssy to care. Just live your life and let them waste theirs.


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  • i think they call it "white privilege" good post


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  • Here is a picture of a cat. Calming isn't it.

  • Cause hollywood pushes the white guilt crap. Don't worry, people out there like me, couldn't give a crap what they say or think.

    • You're the most right here, I would love to think that not all white people are brainwashed to be stupid as the media try to show and understand how everything really works and try to compare and think out of the box, I'm not American but I think the anti-white brainwashing in American schools would be great seeing all anti-white biased American news, media, racist anti-white manipulation. They would try to lie that blacks were slaves of other blacks, they would try to lie about arabs who enslaved blacks, they would try to lie that only few rich white people had slaves, they would try to lie that white people removed the slavery of blacks, they would try to lie that white people don't send blacks back to africa, they would try to lie that American racial manipulation try to attack white people of all world with their globalism even knowing that have thousands of white people countries who never had black slaves but have shit forced against them based in American manipulation.


    • They would try to lie about slavery being normal in the past, they would try to lie that whites were slaves too, they try to manipulate the news to make whites look bad and blacks look innocent with the quantity of hate crimes and things made by blacks who are hidden in the media, they try to use manipulated words, see that they try to relate "white men" "white guys" with bad things, and "white girls" "white women" with race fetish for men of other races, these words "white people" are always used to be related in some bad way, when something is invented, creeated, made by whites they try to remove the race because they don't want to make the anti-white racist jealous people angry, but when something is bad they try to use white people race to create their social engineering manipulation, is the reverse for blacks and other races, they try to please them racially and put race to please them, and when is something bad they try to remove the bad things related to the words of their race

  • Are you the same person that wrote the question about MTV being anti-white?
    I didn't have enough time to respond because your question was taken down.

    America is run by white people so I call bullshit.

    "Why in the bad criminal news, blacks are called "youth", "teen" "tenager" and hide their face, while whites are"
    Blacks faces are always shown

  • WTF was that word salad that got thrown up on the screen?

  • Wow... I know there is some emotion in there, but I couldn't get over the fact that the first paragraph was an entire sentence. What the hell happened to punctuation?


  • I love you.

  • Chill out. Did something something happen to you?

    • Anti-white American media MTV racist shit made by a illegal immigrant of Philipines

      The irony and pure AUDACITY of this anti-white making a show about White Privilege, while being an illegal invader who speaks at any Uni he wants and runs his OWN FUCKING SHOW ON A WELL KNOWN TV CHANNEL is absolutely revolting. The fucking pampered anti-white is a criminal who flaunts his criminality and gets paid to attack White people in a White nation and gets major media time. That would be like Pablo Escobar going to China, claim some chink's rice hut as his own, and belittling/insulting rice farmers for not being inclusive enough

      And the fact it's a fucking problem that White people are getting uncomfortable with a rich criminal telling them they're the privileged ones is infuriating. I'm so goddamn sick of these 24/7 every angle attacks on us, and ALWAYS by the most privileged motherfuckers on the planet.

      White people are the most tolerant race trying to please every pampered anti-white hater

    • Stop watching so much tv and news and try reading a book. Go hiking and basically live your life instead of turning into another dumb American.

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  • Are you the same "girl" that posted the other thing about girls caring about dick size?


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    • Yes, it's so much easy to see bizarre blacks, and even Asian boys, and you are all parasites of everything made by white people living outside of africa or the country dominated by your ethnicity, and taking advantage of the benevolence of white people in please anti-white people of other races pampered by American anti-white racial culture and whites brainwashed to be losers to please anti-white pampered haters having all pleasure of live with this computer, everything made by whites around you.

    • Look at the bizarre Asian boys of japan, the nerd loser creepy, and the bizarre gheto blacks, but blacks are worse because they are criminals, violent and pampered because the media will try to hide everything, will try to portray them always as innocent people, the media will make some news against white in a whole month while hide the higher proportion and incredible higher number of hate crimes of all ways made by blacks.

      I will stop here, you're just other anti-white pampered parasite of white people and the white people are just trained to be self-hater losers with no pride and forced to deal with anti-whites like you.

      Seriously, white people are the only race of world who are trained to be self-hater to please anti-whites of other races and also trained to have no pride, while other races are trained to have race, be ethnic racist, while whites are manipulated by biased media, manipulated news, and these manipulation of reality go to anti-white schools of social engineering.

    • Trololololol