How often is too often to change jobs?

I graduated from college last spring and have had 3 jobs since then. I'm having a hard time staying interested and feeling like what I do matters. I've held my most recent position for only 2 months and am already considering finding a new one. My last job I held for 3 months before I found something that I thought would be better. My parents keep telling me that future employers won't like how that looks on my resume, but if I can get jobs now without those references, what does it hurt? I'm also a full time graduate student, so I'm thinking that when I graduate with my masters next spring I'd like to have a career that I can grow into. How difficult would that be to find without having any solid experience?


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  • I suggest you stay in one spot. I agree with your parents. Some places really do consider longevity in your work experience. Besides, once you get that Master's degree it won't matter. You can jump ship after culmination.


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  • Don't feel discouraged. I'd only note one job and use as many professional references as possible, you can use anyone from the last employer as long as you connected with them etc.

    I don't think it's a bad thing at all. Just apart of your journey.

    Now, if you graduate from college and get a job in your grad field and change back and forth, I would rethink of your fundamentals.

    Most people look at ones judgement and character by the length of employment, are you able to commit?


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  • What you do doesn't matter what you get paid does.


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  • Any more then once a year without a valid reason is to often it looks very bad, I did hiring for my fathers company and would never consider someone who moved through jobs that quickly it makes them seem unreliable