Is there anyone here who believes in spiritual connections or clairsentient?

I went to a psychic out of purely being influenced by my friend and the psychic said I have both and they're strong in me so I should always, always trust them when they happen, as in trusting every intuition.


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  • I don't believe it.


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  • Everyone has intuition, the "psychic" just wants to make you believe you are special or possess something others don't, so you seek their guidance and return to them. It's nothing genuine.

    • Agreed and my friend swears by this lady, she paid for me to go and even though I didn't pay I am annoyed my friend wasted her money.

    • Each to their own, it's unfortunate for them.

  • I just read an article Bout a man who embezzled his company out of $510,000 becuase he was seeing a psychic. Don't play into anything a "psychic" tells you.

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